Fire extinguishers

Extinguisher maintenanceAn active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires at any sort of emergency cases is the fire extinguishers. When there is a no way to get out from that place including fire escape, emergency exit, etc then you can use this fire extinguisher of a red-colored cylindrical gas vessel filled with nitrogen and other propellants which shuts down the fire as much as it can. It is mandatorily inbuilt in all the buildings to stay away from meeting with a fire accident. There are two varieties of fire extinguishers namely stored-pressure and cartridge-operated.  Stored one contains nitrogen along with water and foam whereas cartridge contains different expellant gases.

Cartridge extinguisher primarily used in industrial places as it involves discharging and recharging and the compressed gas used here is carbon-dioxide. It can be further sub-divided as wheeled ones and handheld extinguishers. Wheeled models are often commonly used in construction sites, airport runways, helicopters, as well as docks and marinas.