Fire escape

 downloadA type of emergency exit generally mounted to the outside of the building or separately within inside to keep ourselves safe from being caught up in the fire. Fire accident goes on increasing in recent years especially in residential buildings like apartments and in commercial buildings like factories. Most buildings are constructed with an emergency exit at the outside of the buildings especially when its location is in urban areas. Generally, fire escape consists of many horizontal platforms, one at each story of a building, with ladders or staircases connecting them. They are usually open steel gratings that prevent from building up of ice, snow, and leaves.

During fire accident, people staying on the top floor of the buildings are strictly recommended not to use elevators or escalators as it is electrically linked and can cause greater damage. There are many fire escapes that were built before the technology developments like fire alarms. Many other alternate solutions to escape from fire include parachutes, external collapsible elevators, and slides. When you want to exit from the interior of the building to the fire escape is possible only after reaching the fire exit room or emergency exit room. But this may work out in small cases and not for the serious one. So it’s better to reach out through the window, as it is the best way to come out of the hurdles as soon as possible.